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Upfront Estimates for a Stress-Free Move

The reason most people hire a moving company is to avoid pain, so Daymakers Moving & Storage is careful not to cause you any after the fact—in the form of hidden fees that show up on a huge final invoice. We take pride in being fair and giving you an accurate quote from start to finish. That’s why our professionals meet face-to-face with every customer—either in person* or via live video chat—to understand exactly what you want us to do, and what it will take to accomplish it. We also hope this gives you an added level of comfort and confidence in making us part of your big moving day.

We Get All the Info for an Accurate Quote

While many moving companies provide a quote over the phone, Daymakers will either come to your home or business*, or do a live video chat that allows us to take a virtual tour of your space. Callout: Why Daymakers? Because the only surprise you want on your moving day is a gift basket from your new neighbors.By knowing the true size of rooms, seeing what needs to be moved, and identifying areas of concern—like large items, tight corners, staircases, and narrow halls—we can better estimate time and costs to avoid unpleasant surprises.

The bottom line is that we will always go the extra mile to thoroughly plan and prepare for your move, and promise you a moving experience that is as painless as possible.

For a free consultation and estimate on your move, please fill out the form below or call 715-410-4054 to speak with a member of our professional services team. *In person estimates are available for a small fee.

5 Ways We’ll Make Your Day:

Flexible Appointment Availability

Efficient & Reliable Moving Team

Excellent Customer Service

Safe, No-Hassle Moving Experience

Quick Response Time


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