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Moving & Packing Guide

The Daymakers & Storage crew created this guide to help homeowners like you have a stress-free move. Use our timeline to better prepare for and manage your move – plus, uncover hacks that will make your moving day even better.

The Ultimate


Our ‘Perfect Move’


2 Months Before

+ Toss out, donate, and give away items you don’t need (you know – the items you haven’t touched in over a year)

+ Request estimates from a few moving companies and read customer reviews to help you pick the best one (like Daymakers – we promise you’ll like what you see)

+ Locate important records like birth certificates, passports, school, and vet records, etc. – so they don’t get misplaced during the move.

45 Days Before

+ Gather FREE moving supplies – including boxes and packing paper (from your friends at Daymakers)

+ Pack up things that you don’t need, like home décor, books, and out-of-season clothing

+ Notify your bank, utility companies, and internet service provider that you’re moving

1 Month Before

+ Contact your home insurance provider to ensure you have coverage the day you move into your new home

+ Set up mail forwarding with USPS, so you don’t miss out on any mail or packages

+ Wrap up any last-minute home repairs so you can focus on packing for the next few weeks

2 Weeks Before

+ Schedule a babysitter or a dog sitter for your two- and four-legged family members

+ Stop buying frozen foods and start eating through what you have to avoid waste

+ Set up a final walkthrough with your landlord (if applicable)

Few Days Before

+ Clean rooms as you finish packing and empty them out

+ Create a first-aid kit to have on hand for any moving day mishaps

+ Pack an overnight bag with necessities so you know where to find your must-haves

Moving Day

+ Do a final walkthrough of your empty house to make sure you didn’t forget anything

+ Make sure you have your cell phone, phone charger, and new house keys on hand at all times

+ Note meter readings at your old house before you leave and when you get to your new house

+ Order takeout for dinner and enjoy the memories of settling your family into your new home

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Unpack even more tips from our experts and read through our packing and moving FAQs page to see what homeowners just like you want to know to better manage their move. You can also find more by diving into our blog. Still have questions? Give us a call.

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