When your moving day arrives, we arrive with exceptional service. However, before that day comes, we start with an accurate quote and a conversation to prepare you for your move. This blog includes some of our best advice from dealing with pets during moving day to tips on how to pack up your kitchen. Feel free to dive in and learn a thing or two before we show up on moving day!
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Tips for Moving to a New State

So, you decided to really start fresh and move to another state? There’s nothing better than starting over in an entirely new environment, especially if you have kids! As exciting as it feels, it probably also feels a bit scary, right? Don’t you fear, Daymakers is here to provide you with some tips for moving

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Things People Often Forget to Pack When Moving

You made sure all of your favorite books are packed, your kids’ trophies, electronics, and clothing… but why does it feel like you’re missing something? When you’re packing to move to a new home, chances are, you will probably forget to pack some things. This is extremely common, and because of that, Daymakers wanted to

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Is Professional Packing Right for You?

If you’ve moved before, you know that moving is a lot of work. Not only do you have to find the time to go through the process of selling your home, but you also have to find a new one, check out the area, pack your things, and more. Packing is probably the most time-consuming

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First Apartment Checklist

Whether you’re moving into your first apartment right out of college or from home, there’s a lot you need to think about. “What should I buy?” “What is a necessity and what isn’t?” “Am I going to forget anything?” These are all valid and normal questions when it comes to moving into your very first

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How to Prepare Your Children for a Move

Moving to a new home, and especially a new location can be sad for you and your family. The day you list your home, you’ll think about all of the memories, your children’s milestones, and more. However, when it’s time for a fresh start, it’s time. Talking to your kids about it can be difficult,

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How to Prepare Your Belongings for Storage

Storage facilities come in handy if you’re between homes, or have too many things you don’t want to part ways with. In case you were not aware, Daymakers has our own state-of-the-art storage facility with humidity control, high-end dust suppression, and pest control systems to make sure your items stay as clean as possible and

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New Home, Inexpensive Home Organizing

After decluttering the home you’re moving out of, the last thing you want to do is clutter your new home. So, what can you do to keep your new home nice and neat without spending a fortune? Daymakers Moving & Storage put together some inexpensive home organizing tips for your new home! Release the Junk,

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How to Prepare for a Winter Move

How to Prepare for a Winter Move

The Winter months are coming! If your moving day lands on one of these cold days, it’s best you fully prepare for it beforehand. Daymakers Moving & Storage would love to give you some key tips on how to prepare for a winter move so everything goes smoothly for you! Check Utilities Make sure your

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Want an Easy Move? Follow These Tips!

If you’re planning to move, you know your anxiety level just shot up. Between crossing your fingers at your home inspection, packing, decluttering, and finding a reputable moving company, stress is an understatement. However, it doesn’t have to be stressful! Sure, you may stress out if you’re starting from scratch and you’re not sure where

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Tips for Organizing a Last Minute Move

Not everyone has all of the time in the world to plan out their move. Especially if you’re in a situation where you might be renting and your landlord springs on you that he/she wants to sell. In any situation that you may have to pick up and move quickly, it’s going to feel very

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