What do you do when it comes to two days before your big moving day? Sure, saying goodbye to your bedroom, kitchen, and favorite closet is the first step, but there are some important things you must remember to do before the big day. This moving day checklist will help you prepare!


Defrost the Refrigerator/Freezer

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If you’re bringing your refrigerator with you, it’s important to start defrosting it two days before moving it. It’ll need a full 24 hours to dry and be ready for transportation. If you’re moving it yourself, be sure to have the necessary tools to do so – or, depend on a moving company to take care of it for you!

Secure Important Documents

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If you have a file cabinet full of important documents like life insurance information, passports, etc. It’s important to secure those a couple of days before you move so you know exactly where they are and that they are safe. Losing important documents on moving day can add stress and distract you from a big, exciting day.

Do You Have Your Essentials?

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Remember, when you move, so does all of your belongings. Make sure to pack an essentials bag to keep with you so you have what you need without having to look through taped boxes. Pack any medication, contact solution, phone chargers, laptops, and anything else that you feel is important to have on you. 


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Clean up anything that you can before moving day. If you have totally empty rooms, take care of the floors and vacuum! Although you won’t be sleeping in it after moving day, it’s still nice to have a decently clean home for the next family to move into! It also makes it easier for the movers if you remove any additional garbage or furniture that you’re not taking out of the way!


Moving day is stressful yet exciting, but as long as you go with Daymakers Moving & Storage for your big day, it’ll be more exciting than anything. We’ll take care of packing, moving, unpacking – anything you need! Grab a FREE quote from our website and let’s get your journey to a new home started!