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Save Money on Your Next Move!

As a 5-star moving company serving the Minnesota and Wisconsin community, we believe in packing value into all that we do. Because the first thing you unpack shouldn't be aspirin.

A Moving Experience: The Daymakers Way

Daymakers Moving Team

Moving… one of the biggest tasks in your life that you wish could go as easy and stress-free as possible. Most of the time this wish is impossible – but with Daymakers, it’s possible every time. Allow us to give you the scoop about a moving experience, the Daymakers way.

We Do It All

Being in a new home can be the start of a great adventure if you have the right movers to get you there. Relax and leave the packing, loading, and even storing with us. With Daymakers, you can skip the worry and hard work to focus on what matters – figuring out what all those switches are for, stocking the refrigerator, and deciding where to put your favorite recliner.

Let’s Talk About Moving

Our moving experiences include residential moving, long-distance moving, and moving your business. When it comes to the logistics of moving, we have you covered in the Twin Cities area, western Wisconsin, and the Chippewa Valley. Our team will pack and transport anything from electronics to breakables. 

Long-distance moving comes with that fear of the unknown – you know, will all of your stuff be delivered safely, will the movers lose or break anything, or, will your things get mixed up with someone else’s belongings? All of these concerns are valid, but with Daymakers, you don’t need to worry. We make sure that only Daymakers pack up your items and deliver them right to your new home. We also make sure our crew is careful and delivers everything safely. 

Finally, if you’re looking to move your business to an upgraded location – we got your back with that too. Our crew is trained to move the most important items from technology, paperwork, desks, chairs, and more. If you’d rather worry about the new decorations or your clients, then you should give us a call and we’ll handle the moving part.

What About Storage?

In many instances, clients decide to rent before they move to make sure they are compatible with their new location. So, if you have extra things that won’t fit into your rental, you can store them with us! We have superior units that are humidity controlled, safe & secure, dust & rodent free, and we’ll do all of the heavy lifting.

A Little Note from Our Founder

“Hi, I’m Sean Higgins, founder of Daymakers Moving Company. I started this company from my own personal experience of how stressful a move was, and how easily I thought the company I worked with could have made my day better. I believe in moving people forward. You’re starting a new chapter in your life, taking a leap of faith, and putting your trust and your items in our hands. At Daymakers, we get that, and we’ll get you through the entire experience – with a smile. I founded Daymakers in 2015 with a simple goal: make your moving day the best it could be. Our team had the experience and desire to do more, so we embraced the idea of becoming ‘day makers.’ We hope you’ll give us the opportunity to make your day!”


Yes. You read that right. We offer a free quote before we schedule your moving day. We can do this in-person or via video chat and give you the most accurate quote to get your new adventure started. Interested? Click here to fill out the form and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

Save Money on Your Next Move!

As a 5-star moving company serving the Minnesota and Wisconsin community, we believe in packing value into all that we do. Fill out the form and receive a free moving estimate.

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