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Save Money on Your Next Move!

As a 5-star moving company serving the Minnesota and Wisconsin community, we believe in packing value into all that we do. Because the first thing you unpack shouldn't be aspirin.

The Ultimate Moving Checklist


Making the decision that you’re going to move, finding a new home and location, researching schools, packing up your home, and doing the actual moving is… a lot. We know.

Preparing for the big move is just as stressful as your actual moving day, but it doesn’t have to be. Not with Daymakers at least. We’re here to provide you with the ultimate moving checklist so you’re prepared and feel confident every step of the way.

Making the Decision to Move

The first step in moving is obviously making the decision to make the move. This decision is a big one. It’s life changing. Once you and your family decide that moving is what’s best, you’ll start your searches on Zillow.com, Homes.com, and other platforms that you’re familiar with. You’ll also start researching realtors, get pre-approved for a mortgage, and dive into endless amount of paperwork.

However, once you’ve figured that all out and found your dream home, you’ll be able to start planning. It sounds stressful, but it can be fun – especially if you stay organized.

Research the Community

If you’re planning on moving to a completely different area, researching the community ahead of time is a great idea. You want to make sure that the neighborhood fits your needs and is in line with what you’re looking for.

You’ll want to check out the school systems, nearby stores and restaurants, and even check out any local services or companies that allow you and your family to fulfill your hobbies and interests.

Research Movers

Once you’ve found a home and are ready to start figuring out your moving date, it’s time to research movers. Use a notebook and title each page the name of the moving company you think might be a good fit. Then, be sure to write down the services they offer, check out the moving truck you would need, research their moving experience, and get quotes.

As for Daymakers Moving & Storage, we want you to stalk us. Check out our social media profiles, go through our website, read through our reviews, and reach out because we’ll provide you with a free quote. If you believe we’re your best fit, we can go ahead and schedule your moving day!

As far as moving services go, we provide residential moving, long distance moving, and we can even move your business. We even offer full service packing and unpacking – we’ve done this thousands of times so we know how to make the most of your supplies and protect your belongings.

Be sure to ask about our recycled boxes and packing paper, which are available free to anyone who’s moving with us.

Gather Free Moving Supplies

Like we mentioned, you can reach out to us about our recycled boxes and packing paper if you’re choosing to move with Daymakers. However, there are other ways you can snag free boxes. Head to your local grocery stores and ask them for their recycled/used boxes.

Normally, they’ll give you what you need – as it takes the burden off of them from having to breakdown and recycle boxes. You can also head to a mall and check out some stores as well. Retail stores get many shipments, so they’ll be glad to give you what you need.

Go Through Your Things

It’s time to purge your things! Grab a few bins/bags/or boxes and label them: Keep, Garbage, Donate, Sell. Going through your belongings will help you figure out what is worth keeping and moving to your new home and what isn’t worth the trip.

This will allow you to use less boxes and provide more space when it comes time for moving day – plus, if you’re able to sell a good amount of things, you’ll make some extra cash. That’s always nice, right?

If you have some belongings that you want to keep but don’t want to bring to your new home until you need them – look for storage services near your new home. Daymakers has two storage facilities that you can utilize if you’re moving to our area. Contact us to learn more about that.

Pack Up Things You Don’t Need

Get a head start on packing by packing up the things you don’t need at the moment. For example, holiday decorations, out-of-season clothing, books, and kids toys that they won’t miss for the time being.

This will help you lessen the amount of things you need to pack when it comes to the full packing day.

Contact Your Home Insurance Provider

Contact your home insurance provider to ensure that you have coverage the day you move into your new home. You don’t want to risk not having it, just in case something happens. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Get Your House Move-Out Ready

It’s important to prepare not only yourselves for a move, but your current house as well. You’ll want to make sure you’ve contact your utility companies, forwarded your mail, and made any home improvements that needed to be done prior to moving out. It’s also smart to declutter the inside and outside of your home to ensure a quick and easy move.

A good way to do this is to put as many boxes as you can in one room as opposed to spread throughout your house, to make the movers’ lives easier and the job quicker.

Get Your New Home Move-In Ready

Your new home needs some TLC before you move in, and doing that prior to loading it up with your belongings is the best way to go. If you need to fix up the landscaping, paint, install new floors, or get new appliances delivered – now is the time to do that.

Getting all of these tasks done prior to moving day is going to be less stressful and make your settling in process a lot easier.

Make Arrangements for Utility Services

If you’ve contacted your current utility services for your current home for shut-off – great! However, you’ll need to make sure your utilities are set up and ready for use in your new home. Make sure your air conditioning works (especially if you’re moving in the summer), heat (if you’re moving in the winter), electricity, water, etc.

You don’t want to have to figure this all out after you’ve already moved in. Having pizza on the floor of your new home is not as fun if you need to use candles to light up the room.

Make Sure Your Bills are Up to Date

Before moving day, make sure that any bills that need to be paid that day or the following few days are paid and up to date. Moving and settling into a new home can take all of your brain power, causing you to forget things like submitting a payment to your credit card company. For peace of mind, its best to get this done prior to moving so you’re not worried about missing a payment.

Make a Plan for Kids and Pets

Prior to moving, you’ll want to have a set plan for your kids and pets. It’s less stressful and easier to complete a move without movers having to worry about pups running under their feet, getting out, or kids being in the way.

We want to ensure the safety of everyone during our moves, so having a plan in place for your 2- and 4-legged children is a priority.

What to Do a Few Days Before Moving Day

A few days before moving day, you should make sure that each room is cleaned after it has been packed up and emptied out. This will make it easier on you so you don’t have to return to this house to clean it after you’ve already moved out.

You’ll also want to put together a bag to have on your person for the day of the move. This will include a first aid kit, extra clothing, and necessities like contact lenses, glasses, cellphone chargers, laptops, and anything you need to have in-reach on the day of your move. It beats looking through boxes when you get to the new house.

Finally, Moving Day

Moving day is here! You’ll want to do a final walkthrough to empty your house to make sure you didn’t forget anything. Be sure you have your cellphone, phone chargers, and new house keys on you at all times.

Some things people forget are shower curtains, wall hooks (and things hanging on them), decor, and lamps.

Also, make sure you note meter readings at your old house before you leave and when you get to your new house.

Now that you’re settled into your new home after a quick, easy, and successful move with Daymakers, it’s time to order takeout for dinner and enjoy the memories of settling your family into your new home.

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It’s time to save money on your next move. As a 5-star moving company serving the Minnesota and Wisconsin community, we believe in packing value into all that we do.

Fill out the form and receive a free moving estimate. We’ll conduct either a virtual or in-person walkthrough to figure out how many things you need moved, where you’re moving, and how much manpower we need to schedule.

Our moving company is genuinely so excited to be a part of your journey and can’t wait to help you every step of the way.

Save Money on Your Next Move!

As a 5-star moving company serving the Minnesota and Wisconsin community, we believe in packing value into all that we do. Fill out the form and receive a free moving estimate.

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