When your moving day arrives, we arrive with exceptional service. However, before that day comes, we start with an accurate quote and a conversation to prepare you for your move. This blog includes some of our best advice from dealing with pets during moving day to tips on how to pack up your kitchen. Feel free to dive in and learn a thing or two before we show up on moving day!

Everything You Need to Know About Moving

We understand that a lot goes into moving, so we wanted to take the time to create a blog full of everything you need to know about moving, including our moving services, moving and packing guides, moving tips, and more. We pride ourselves on being there for you through the entire moving process.

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Long distance moving

Long Distance Moving In Minneapolis, MN

Are you planning on long distance moving in the near future? Well, you’ve come to the right blog to help settle those nerves and provide you with the information you need. Now you can learn about how Daymakers Moving & Storage handles our client’s long distance moving in Minneapolis, MN and surrounding areas to see

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Beautiful asian woman eating ice cream on the street. Emotional hipster wearing casual clothing holding tasty summer dessert looking away outdoors. Food festival

8 Best Ice Cream Spots in the Twin Cities

Summer is right around the corner, and with summer…comes ice cream! If you’re new to the area, plan on moving here this summer, or are just looking to try something new in your cities – we’ve got your back. We’ve put together a list of the 8 best ice cream spots in the Twin Cities.

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Happy young woman moving to new home - having fun

First Apartment Checklist

Whether you’re moving into your first apartment right out of college or from home, there’s a lot you need to think about. “What should I buy?” “What is a necessity and what isn’t?” “Am I going to forget anything?” These are all valid and normal questions when it comes to moving into your very first

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Happy parents playing with little kids riding in box

How to Prepare Your Children for a Move

Moving to a new home, and especially a new location can be sad for you and your family. The day you list your home, you’ll think about all of the memories, your children’s milestones, and more. However, when it’s time for a fresh start, it’s time. Talking to your kids about it can be difficult,

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Smile face balloons

Moving Can be Great for Your Mental Health

Moving can be stressful, whether it’s a long-distance move or residential. However, there are many mental health benefits to moving.  Let’s dive into the top 5 ways moving can benefit your mental health! New Friends, New Perspectives Moving away from your friends can be tough – however, creating new relationships is great for confidence building,

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Halloween pumpkin and date

5 Creative Cardboard Box Halloween Costumes

Halloween is coming and that means it’s time to start thinking about what you and your kids are going to be! Sure, you can walk into a Spirit Halloween store and choose a witch costume or Batman but in our opinion, it’s a lot more fun to make your own! Daymakers Moving & Storage Company

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Dog and cat sleeping

Tips for Moving with Pets: It Doesn’t Have to be Ruff

Moving day is stressful enough without pets, but if you do have a cat or a dog that you’re afraid of getting out, you’ll have to prepare beforehand. When you hire Daymakers, your moving day will run stress-free, so don’t create stress by trying to figure out what to do with Fluffy at the last

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