First Apartment Checklist

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Whether you’re moving into your first apartment right out of college or from home, there’s a lot you need to think about. “What should I buy?” “What is a necessity and what isn’t?” “Am I going to forget anything?” These are all valid and normal questions when it comes to moving into your very first [...]

How to Prepare Your Children for a Move

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Moving to a new home, and especially a new location can be sad for you and your family. The day you list your home, you’ll think about all of the memories, your children’s milestones, and more. However, when it’s time for a fresh start, it’s time. Talking to your kids about it can be difficult, [...]

Moving Can be Great for Your Mental Health

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Moving can be stressful, whether it's a long-distance move or residential. However, there are many mental health benefits to moving.  Let’s dive into the top 5 ways moving can benefit your mental health!   New Friends, New Perspectives Moving away from your friends can be tough - however, creating new relationships is great for confidence [...]

5 Creative Cardboard Box Halloween Costumes

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Halloween is coming and that means it’s time to start thinking about what you and your kids are going to be! Sure, you can walk into a Spirit Halloween store and choose a witch costume or Batman but in our opinion, it’s a lot more fun to make your own! Daymakers Moving & Storage Company [...]

Tips for Moving with Pets: It Doesn’t Have to be Ruff

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Moving day is stressful enough without pets, but if you do have a cat or a dog that you’re afraid of getting out, you’ll have to prepare beforehand. When you hire Daymakers, your moving day will run stress-free, so don’t create stress by trying to figure out what to do with Fluffy at the last [...]

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