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Save Money on Your Next Move!

As a 5-star moving company serving the Minnesota and Wisconsin community, we believe in packing value into all that we do. Because the first thing you unpack shouldn't be aspirin.

Tips for Organizing a Last Minute Move

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Not everyone has all of the time in the world to plan out their move. Especially if you’re in a situation where you might be renting and your landlord springs on you that he/she wants to sell. In any situation that you may have to pick up and move quickly, it’s going to feel very stressful. Daymakers understands that and we’re here to help keep that stress level down! Here are some tips for organizing a last-minute move!

Talk to a Moving Company ASAP

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The minute you find out you’re moving, it’s smart to lock in a moving day with a moving company. Giving them as much notice as possible will make the transition much easier. Do your research and request quotes. Daymakers Moving & Storage provides a free quote form right on our website! The sooner we know about your move, the better!


Cardboard donation box full with used clothes and shoes. Charity concept

Go through all of your belongings and recycle, donate, or toss what you don’t need. You haven’t worn those sweaters in 3+ years? Donate them. Are you downsizing and the amount of furniture you have is no longer needed? Donate, recycle, or toss depending on the shape they are in! It’s important to go through everything and avoid packing a bunch of things you no longer need! This will help with space in the truck and an easier unpacking and organizing process for you.

Fit Items Inside One Another

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Keep packing, simple! Sure, you’ll still need boxes but you can pack items within items to take up less space! For example, put all of your spices in some pots with lids and tape them shut, put your socks inside your shoes, throw your rings and jewelry into socks, etc. Packing simple will help your moving process move a lot smoother!

Recruit Friends & Family

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Recruiting your friends and family to help you pack or assign one of them to be responsible for your pet on moving day, is a great idea. Packing with others will help the process move along faster, especially if you want to prepare by moving heavy furniture and belongings closer to the door. Moving companies can do this, but if you’re preparing ahead of time, the quicker the move will go! 

Make a Checklist

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A checklist is the most organized way to keep your moving preparation going smoothly. Here’s a checklist you can copy and use!

  • Confirm your moving date and inventory list of items that will be moved
  • Contact a moving company
  • Contact utilities
  • Prepare for child care or pet sitting
  • Gather important paperwork
  • Label boxes
  • Secure storage if needed
  • Clear a path for movers
  • Check to see if all windows are secure and utilities are turned off
  • Leave all sets of keys with the owner of the home you’re relocating from
  • Move!

Now that you’re prepared, reach out as soon as you know you’re going to move! Head over to our FREE quote form, check out our reviews, services, and the rest of our blogs to get to know us better! We’re so excited to hear from you and we’re ready to make this move as seamless as possible for you!

Save Money on Your Next Move!

As a 5-star moving company serving the Minnesota and Wisconsin community, we believe in packing value into all that we do. Fill out the form and receive a free moving estimate.

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