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10 Farewell Gifts for Neighbors


When it comes time to moving, people probably have a whole list of to-dos written down. You know, like separate belongings into piles for selling, donating, or garbage; contacting utilities companies and USPS for change of address; and updating your loved ones.

If you’ve lived in your home for a long time, chances are, you’ve become friends with your neighbors. In that case, it’s a good idea to give gifts to the neighbors moving! This will show that you enjoyed being neighbors and that you’ll miss them.

If you’re trying to figure out what the best gift would be, we put together a list of 10 ideas for farewell gifts for neighbors moving that you could pick up before they leave to their new house.

But First, Why Give a Gift?

Goodbyes are one of the hardest parts of life. Whether you’re saying goodbye to someone in a relationship or if someone is moving away – it’s emotionally tough to deal with. If you’ve become close to your neighbors, chances are you’re going to be upset when they move away. Giving a present shows how much they meant to you and it’s also a way to support them and get them even more excited about starting their new journey.

With that said, let’s start shopping!

Personalized Towels

Personalized towels are a great gift to give your neighbors. You can choose to personalize kitchen towels, bath towels, or even beach towels – especially if they are moving to a beach area.

How should you personalize them? You can either put their family name, a funny saying, or if you have an inside joke or story – get creative! This way, they’ll always remember who gave it to them.

And, if you’ve discussed the color scheme your neighbor plans to go with – match it! This shows that you were listening and you want to help them decorate their new bathroom or kitchen with towels that are on brand to them.


Keychains make great gifts, especially because if they are moving to a new home, they’ll have a new set of house keys to attach to it! The best keychains are customized, so if you wanted to put a little saying about being far away but still keeping your relationship close – it would really personalize the gift. Or, you could find one that says, “And so the adventure begins,” or something relating to their new chapter.


Everyone loves a new mug or a new set of glasses. Every time your neighbor fills up their new mug with coffee, tea, or anything else – your neighbors will remember you and the memories they shared with you after every sip.

There are many stores that allow personalization on mugs as well. You can personalize it with names, sayings, and even art!


Candles are always a go-to when it comes to gifts for any event. Amazon sells candles that have funny sayings on them that will brighten up their day…literally and metaphorically. This one is too good not to buy.

Moving can be stressful, so finding a candle that has a soothing, relaxing scent will be perfect for your friend to light on the first night in their new home.

Garden Decor

Whether your neighbor has a garden or not, outdoor decor is always a good idea. There are many products out there that have sayings about new beginnings on stones, or you can get even more personal and find something that relates back to the area they moved from.

If your neighbor is moving from New Jersey to North Carolina, you can find some decor with Jersey sayings, or even local sports teams that they may follow.

Also, if your neighbor has a green thumb, sending a few plants or flowers in a customized or beautiful pot will be your best choice. That way, they can start off their yard or home with a brand new succulent or blooming flowers!

Gift Basket

After your neighbors have moved, sending them a gift basket full of treats or household items is a thoughtful and useful gift. You can find gift baskets full of cookies, nuts, and other treats – or, you can put together a basket that has items they can use like, measuring cups, spice containers, magnets, cups, etc.

Pet Gifts

Don’t forget a gift for the pet! As stressful moving is for people – can you imagine how the pets are feeling? Add in a gift for their furry child to ease their stress and show that you really care. If you’re sending a gift basket full of treats like we mentioned before, why not throw in some dog biscuits. Just be sure to make it clear they are for the dog…

Cook Book

Cook books are always great to have in the house, especially when you’re trying to figure out what to have for dinner. Find some good books that appeal to their taste and send it to them with a kitchen towel, or something relevant. If you both enjoy Harry Potter – there are many books that have HP themed recipes. Gifting this is a great idea to show your personal relationship.

Picture Frame

Printing pictures are a lot less common these days since social media has taken over. However, pictures are still a nice touch and are filled with… a thousand words. Yeah, we know – it’s such a cliche, but it’s the truth! Getting a frame that fits their personality along with a photo of a great memory between you is a beautiful gift that they will cherish forever.

If you’d rather send them something like a gift card for Mixtiles – that’s a great idea as well! This way, they’ll be able to choose up to 20 photos to print and decorate their new walls with.


An ornament is a precious idea for your neighbors. They can decorate their first tree in their new home with it, and always remember you. If they are moving to a different state, you could always find one that is shaped like the one they moved from, or has a saying that relates. Or, you could always find one that says, “our first Christmas in our new city,” or something along those lines.

Bonus Gift: Referring Them to Daymakers Moving & Storage

Ok, so we listed 10 farewell gift ideas, but we decided to add a bonus one. Helping your neighbors out by providing them with the best moving companies in the area is a huge help. So, if they are looking for residential moving services in the Minnesota or Wisconsin community, Daymakers is the best choice! If they are moving across country to or from our area, we can help with long-distance moving as well!

Let us know if you’ve referred us or if someone let you know about us.

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We Hope This Helps!

We hope we gave you some good insight or at least sparked some new thoughts as to what to give to your neighbors after they move. Even if the gift is little, it’s the little things and the thought that counts.


Getting a free moving quote is one of the best gifts you could get. Contact us today to get your free quote. We’ll either come to your home in person to analyze what the job entails, or we can do it virtually. We pride ourselves on accurate quotes and great customer service. We look forward to helping you or your neighbors with your move to a new city or town!

Save Money on Your Next Move!

As a 5-star moving company serving the Minnesota and Wisconsin community, we believe in packing value into all that we do. Fill out the form and receive a free moving estimate.

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