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5 Things to Declutter Before Moving Day

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Deciding to move is the first step. Finding your end-destination is the next, but now what? It’s time to start Operation Declutter. Every home is cluttered with things that we really don’t need. If you haven’t touched something or used it in over a year, the chances are – you probably don’t need it. Here are 5 things to declutter before moving day!


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Books are the ultimate escape for most people. However, how many times do you re-read the same book? Exactly. If you own books that are not necessarily your favorite, consider donating them to a local library or school. You’ll have less to pack up and organize in your new home! 


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Clothes are something that almost everyone has too much of. If you’re like most people, you probably have shirts in a drawer that you haven’t touched in years. It’s time to let go of those useless clothes and move on – literally. Throw them in a bag and donate them! No need to keep things that you won’t use.


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Do you have an old Gameboy Advance, laptop, or iPhone 4 hanging around your house? It’s time to let those go! Be honest, now that you have your new Macbook, Nintendo Switch, and iPhone 12 Pro, there’s no way you’ll be using those other models. Try to sell them online or check trade-in values at tech stores or even Amazon. The less electronic clutter, the better!

Expired Items

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Almost everything has an expiration date. Go through your bathroom closet and throw out any expired sunscreen, medicine, mouthwash, you name it. It’s better to clean this up now, then to have to do it in your new home or chance using the expired items by mistake.

Damaged Items

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If you own a stack of towels that are worn or shredded, let them go. If you have a nightstand that has a broken drawer, junk it. There are probably plenty of items in your home that are damaged and not worth holding onto. Look through your furniture, towels, clothes, and even kids’ toys and throw away anything that isn’t worth a detailed fix. 


Your moving day is probably approaching quickly if you’re reading this article. Be sure to check to see if you have any of these items listed and make your moving day easier by getting rid of them. If you’re ready to reach out for a FREE quote, you can do that on our website! Reach out with any questions and concerns. We’re here to help make your day and move you into your new home! 




Save Money on Your Next Move!

As a 5-star moving company serving the Minnesota and Wisconsin community, we believe in packing value into all that we do. Fill out the form and receive a free moving estimate.

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