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Save Money on Your Next Move!

As a 5-star moving company serving the Minnesota and Wisconsin community, we believe in packing value into all that we do. Because the first thing you unpack shouldn't be aspirin.

Everything You Need to Know About Moving


If you’ve moved before, you know how stressful it can be. Moving takes a lot of preparation, planning, phone calls, and a lot of Advil purchases. However, it doesn’t have to be as stressful as you’re used to. With Daymakers Moving & Storage Company, we ensure that our clients receive the best, stress free moving experiences.

We understand that a lot goes into moving, so we wanted to take the time to create a blog full of everything you need to know about moving, including our moving services, moving and packing guides, moving tips, and more. We pride ourselves on being there for you through the entire moving process.

What Makes Daymakers Unique

We’re sure you hear it all the time from other moving companies that they are different than others. However, did they ever explain how? Here’s a little insight on how we’re unique.

Attitude Determines Our Latitude

Over movers are personable, friendly, and enjoy what they do. They pride themselves on being the muscle behind your move and understand that their job is to do whatever it takes to make your hectic day better and stress free. Trust us to be careful and efficient throughout your move, knowing we handle every detail on time and within budget.

Our Movers are Ready for the Long Haul

At Daymakers, we know that a long distance move is especially stressful, so we’ll do everything we can to help you feel at ease. Rest assured, that your items are secure on our private truck, handled by our professional movers, and delivered as promised.

Reliable Estimates for Every Move

We encourage you to Google us, stalk our social media accounts, and ask around – we’re confident you’ll love your findings. We’re also confident that you’ll love the way we estimate your move – in person or via video chat.

Our Storage Units Stand the Test of Time

It takes more than locks to safeguard your special items – that’s why we designed a state-of-the-art storage facility with humidity control, dust suppression, pest management, and high-end security systems in place around the clock. Rent units for as long as needed!

Our Moving Services

The Daymakers team is genuinely thrilled to be a part of your journey. We love that we can take the madness out of moving, so you can focus on settling in, enjoying your new home, and finding the best shower curtain that matches the season. With our experience and enthusiasm, this moving experience will go down as the best in your moving history.

So, what do we offer?

Residential Moving

When it comes to the logistics of moving, Daymakers has you covered in the Twin Cities area, western Wisconsin, and the Chippewa Valley. Our team can pack and transport anything from electronics to fine china, major appliances, and pianos, to your most prized possessions.

Our residential moving service areas include Hudson, WI, Minneapolis, MN, Eau Claire, WI, Saint Paul, MN, Woodbury, MN, Twin Cities, MN, and we’re excited to announce that we’ve just opened a new office and storage facility in New Brighton, MN.

Long Distance Moving

Need long distance movers? One of the most stressful parts about long distance moving are the unknowns. However, with us, “where are my boxes” will never be one of them. Many moving companies offer load sharing, filling rented trucks with as many people’s property has possible, then sorting through boxes at each stop – causing a high risk of mixing up or misplacing deliveries.

With Daymakers Moving, there’s no need to worry about that – we’re not like other moving companies. The team leader who delivers your boxes and furniture will be the one who helped pack and load. We use our own trucks exclusively with no shared items, driven by our trusted movers who are responsible for your property until it is safely delivered to you.

When you’re searching for the best long distance movers, you just have to give us a call.

Moving Your Business

If your business is moving and you need relocation services, we can help with that too. Expedite commercial moves and minimize downtime with maximum manpower from our team. You can trust us to pack, move, and unpack your entire company in a fast, efficient manner, ensuring computers and special equipment are handled with care.

Moving & Packing Guide

Like we said before, we get how stressful moving can be – especially when it comes to packing your belongings safely. That is why we’re here to give you the best moving and packing guide you could ask for!

Wrapping Furniture

When it comes to furniture packing, you want to make sure that you wrap them safely. The Daymakers team provides professional-grade moving pads for protecting and wrapping all of your furniture. If you decide to wrap it on your own, just make sure the thicker the padding, the better.

Picking a Truck Size

We’re pretty sure that you’re going to be moving with Daymakers, but if you choose to do it on your own, make sure that you choose the largest truck rental available. More space in a moving truck is better than not enough space.

Books & Heavy Items

When it comes to packing books and heavy items, be sure to use the smaller boxes. This is easier for transport and doesn’t get as heavy as if you were to pack many heavy items into one box.

Keeping Dishes Safe

When you’re packing the dishes and serving plates, make sure they are wrapped and packed vertically. The less surface space there is at the bottom, the safer they will be during the moving process.

Not a Family Affair

Moving is not a family affair. Make sure you have a plan for your kids, Uncle Tom, your neighbor, etc. The less people in the house, the better.

Four-Legged Friends

If you have pets, make sure you have a plan for them. You don’t want any pups or kitties running under feet as your movers are coming in and out of your home, carrying heavy things. You also don’t want to chance them getting out while the doors remain open during the moving process.

Our ‘Perfect Move’ Roadmap

Many of our clients try to come up with a plan far in advance when they know their scheduled moving date. This may be hard to tackle on your own, especially when you have a lot going on, so here is our ‘perfect move’ roadmap for you to follow that will help you with all of the days leading up to your moving day up until the actual day!

2 Months Before

  • Toss out, donate, and give away any items you don’t need (you know – the items you haven’t touched in over a year)
  • Request estimates from a few moving companies and read customer reviews to help you pick the best one (like Daymakers – we promise you’ll like what you see)
  • Locate important records like birth certificates, passports, school and vet records, etc. – so they don’t get misplaced during the move.

45 Days Before

  • Gather FREE moving supplies – including boxes and packing paper (from your friends at Daymakers)
  • Pack up things that you don’t need, like home decor, books, and out-of-season clothing
  • Notify your bank, utility companies, and internet service provider that you’re moving

1 Month Before

  • Contact your home insurance provider to ensure you have coverage the day you move into your new home
  • Set up mail forwarding with USPS prior to moving, so you don’t miss out on any mail or packages
  • Wrap up any last-minute home repairs so you can focus on packing for the next few weeks

2 Weeks Before

  • Schedule a babysitter or a dog sitter for your two- and four-legged family members
  • Stop buying frozen foods and start eating through what you have to avoid waste
  • Set up a final walkthrough with your landlord (if applicable)

Few Days Before

  • Clean rooms as you finish packing and empty them out
  • Create a first-aid kit to have on hand for any moving day mishaps
  • Pack an overnight bag with necessities so you know where to find your must-haves

Moving Day

  • Do a final walkthrough of your empty house to make sure you didn’t forget anything
  • Make sure you have your cell phone, phone charger, and new house keys on hand at all times during your busy moving day
  • Note meter readings at your old house before you leave and when you get to your new house
  • Order takeout for dinner and enjoy the memories of settling your family into your new home

Packing & Moving Hacks

  • Take pictures of box contents and number them so you know what’s inside. Tape every moving box closed – do NOT interlock the flaps.
  • Pack spices and kitchen towels in your pots and pans. Make sure your dishes are packed vertically. Never pack fine china in printed newspaper.
  • Take pictures of electronics so you know how to hook them up at your new home.
  • After packing a box, gently shake it and listen for movement. If you hear things shifting, you need to pack it more tightly.
  • Use towels and blankets as packing materials to protect breakables. If items are small enough to fit in a box – like smaller TVs, lamps, and pictures – they must be packed.
  • Label boxes by writing on a piece of tape (not the box itself) so they can be reused.
  • To find more moving tips and tricks, head to this page!

Moving FAQs

Since we started this moving company, we have had many questions come through. We made sure to record all of the frequently asked questions so that we can share them with you to hopefully answer them ahead of time!

Why should I hire a professional moving company? There are many advantages to hiring a professional moving company like Daymakers. Our customers are always grateful they hired us because we take the hassle out of moving by packing, moving, and unloading with care; we’re safe and experienced, we have a professional inventory process to ensure all items are accounted for; and we do all the heavy lifting for you.

What packing options do you offer? We do not sell moving supplies, but we offer full-service packing and unpacking, which does include brand new supplies. You can also ask about our recycled boxes and packing paper, which are available free to anyone who’s moving with us.

What’s included in a moving estimate and how is it estimated? Our quote process is simple. Your moving estimate is free and will be based on distance, number and size of items to be moved, and services rendered. We’ll schedule an in-person or virtual walkthrough of your home to see how much there is to pack and move. We’ll provide you with a free quote that will only be adjusted if additional time or services are needed are needed on moving day.

Is weight a factor in my moving estimate? No. We don’t consider weight at all. Instead, local moving costs are determined by crew size and moving time. Long distance moving costs are determined by crew size, time, and mileage.

To find all other FAQs, head to this page!

We Also Offer Storage Services

Our secure, clean, humidity-controlled storage units are the perfect place for your household goods until you find your perfect home. Once you’re ready to move into your forever home and have that moving day in the books, we’ll deliver your items for you!

We have two storage facilities: one in Hudson, WI and our brand new location just opened in New Brighton, MN.

Are You Ready to Move?

It’s difficult to find a full service, reliable, professional moving company that offers residential moving, long distance moving services, business moving, and free quotes. However, if you’re reading this – it seems as though you found one!

Daymakers Moving & Storage is full of experienced residential and long distance movers that are ready to help you start your journey. You’re not just another number to us; we genuinely care about your move to a new city, town, or even state, and we want to make sure it’s as stress free as possible.

So, if you’re ready to schedule your moving day, we’re here for you.


As a 5-star moving company serving the Minnesota and Wisconsin community, Daymakers Moving & Storage believe in packing value into all that we do. Fill out the form and receive a free moving estimate.

Save Money on Your Next Move!

As a 5-star moving company serving the Minnesota and Wisconsin community, we believe in packing value into all that we do. Fill out the form and receive a free moving estimate.

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