Spring cleaning is the perfect excuse to discard any garbage that you may have lingering in your home. Old furniture, broken toys, clothing that hasn’t been touched in over a year, etc. are some good examples of a thorough pre-move Spring cleaning.

Let’s start with furniture.

A lot of bulky waste

Toss any furniture that you think won’t fit in your new home, have broken drawers/knobs, and pieces that might be cracked or stained. When you move into your new home, you want that feeling of a fresh, new environment. Bringing along old furniture that you’re probably not going to utilize for more than a few months – if that – is not the ideal decision. Your home life is starting new, why not upgrade some furniture as well?

Broken toys.

Broken Retro Toy Rocket

If you have kids and they have multiple toy boxes full of old, broken toys, it’s time to set them free. (Do this when the kids are in school so there’s no arguing over why Timmy needs the one-eyed Ferby.) Keep their favorites and get rid of the toys they haven’t touched in years. The less clutter in your new home, the better – especially in the kids’ rooms. 


Woman holding Clothes with Donate Box In her room, Donation Concept.

Clothing is a big challenge for most people. If you’re anything like most people, you probably stand in your closet fighting with yourself to get rid of the dresses or shirts you haven’t worn in 2+ years. You’ll probably try to convince yourself that you will wear this again one day – but you probably won’t. Bag up any and all clothes you haven’t worn in a long time and donate them. If they’re ripped up and unwearable, toss them. 

The moral of the story is, toss anything that is either broken, unusable or anything that hasn’t been touched in a while. The less you have to move, the better. Especially when you’re redesigning and setting up your new home! Clutter-free is the way to be.

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