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5 Creative Cardboard Box Halloween Costumes

Halloween pumpkin and date

Halloween is coming and that means it’s time to start thinking about what you and your kids are going to be! Sure, you can walk into a Spirit Halloween store and choose a witch costume or Batman but in our opinion, it’s a lot more fun to make your own! Daymakers Moving & Storage Company has a bunch of ideas of how you can turn your used moving boxes into Halloween costumes. Take a peek!

Crayon Box

What kid doesn’t like to color? Grab a big box and make it into a crayon box! Design the outside of it to look just like the Crayola one and if you want to get really specific, add a built-in-sharpener hole! If you want to add the colorful crayons, use solid-colored pointy party hats! This costume also works if you’re doing a group costume. You can be the box of crayons and your friends can be crayons! How cute?


Minecraft Character

If you want to stay mainstream, or if your children love playing Minecraft, making a boxy character out of your cardboard boxes would be a lot of fun. Really, you’d only need 4 boxes. One for your head, body, and two arms. Paint those pixelated and boom! It’s like you walked out of the game.


X-Ray Machine

Ok, this might sound odd but it’s actually very creative and a little spooky! Grab a box, paint it black, make what looks like a window with a gray shade, and in that, paint a skeleton body. If you’re feeling even more creative, you could always actually put a skeleton prop in there! When you walk around, it’ll look like your stomach and neck are bones! 



Yabba Dabba Do! Choose a Flintstone character and make a car out of a box! They drive using their feet anyway, so no need to add real wheels. Cut up some circles for stone wheels that can hang out on the side, glue some straps on the inside and hang it from your shoulders! However, we advise you to find fake feet or nude-colored shoes instead of going barefoot. 😉


Freezer with a Head

Now we’re going to get on the scary side. Simply make a box look like a refrigerator with a freezer door that can open and keep your head in there. Paint your face as if you’re dead and glue an ice tray and a pint of ice cream near you to make it more realistic. That’ll freak everyone out at your Halloween party.


Hopefully, these ideas spark your interest or create some inspiration for your Halloween costume. If you end up making any of these or come up with something on your own, send it to us! We’d love to see your creativity!

Happy Halloween!


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